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The word hope from the Greek word elpis. According to Strong's Concordance, elpis means expectation, trust, and confidence. To sow hope, instead of "hopefully" - which today has a higher negative cognition in comparison to be a positive word.

Transactional LOVE ?

We live in a transactional world. You get a degree, you get a job. You make a mistake, you are punished. You do a good deed, you are rewarded. You pay for a service or goods, you receive. Getting something for free makes us act a whole lot different than when we pay. What exactly is going on when the price of some- thing is lowered to zero? The introduction of free throws off how we normally process deci- sions. “It only implies benefits and no costs,” 

An agape, untransactional love is the truest form of love that we could share. And hopefully to hope for a better tomorrow for all. 

Candle Selections - Salt and Light
Candle Selections - Salt and Light

Free Love Malaysia

RM29.00 MYR

THE GREATEST GIFT. We believe that giving hope and by providing an opportunity to people in need, this is by far the greatest gift! 

A gesture such as receiving a candle, absolutely free is an act that brings hope and faith for a better tomorrow. In the world that we are living today, crept with uncertainty and fear, it does not hurt to share to be the light in the darkness. People build people. People build businesses, skyscrapers and dreams. Without people and the investment of the previous generations, we will not reap the fruits today. 

*Each candle purchased will be pooled for this campaign. Details of this campaign will be shared on a later date. 

This 25th December, The Greatest Gift:


We hope this campaign will make an impact to...

The Underserved

This handmade candles pourer by the marginalized underserved communities will be impacted through employment. This gives them an opportunity to fend for themselves.

The Community

Naturally, each of us have a heart's desire to give. Salt & Light would love to enable this desire through this small campaign. Either join us hand in hand to volunteer sharing this gift or join us in sowing seeds by purchasing our candles. 

The Hope

To Hope again for a better tomorrow and to ultimately pass it forward. 'Light another candle' in someone's else life via another gesture of your own. To know that you are being loved, and the people around are loved.